Keywords Suggestion tool

The solution to discovering the questions people ask

We show you the questions and keywords that your customers and potential site visitors use to search Google and other online resources. Armed with this knowledge you can plan and build your content safe in the knowledge it will target real queries asked by real people worldwide. We save you time and money allowing you to get the flywheel of content production moving in the right direction, build your audience faster and generate more revenue.

Why use People Also Asked?

Rank higher in Google People Also Ask data is providing you with data directly from Google on what information is likely to be expected on the page to fulfil searcher intent.

Helpful content & EEAT -- People Also Ask

All of the questions People Also Asked returns are from real user searches that Google has grouped with the initial search. Understanding the pain points, concerns and questions of searchers is the key to being able to produce helpful content and the basis for framing and building experience, expertise, authority and trust (EEAT).

Save time

People Also Asked can save you huge amounts of time in your keyword research process.

    Understand your users with live “People Also Asked” data and intent clustering by Google.

    Supports many regions.