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How it work´s

For a website to be successful, the position on Google is one of the most important factors. Only websites on the first page receive 90% of clicks. Be honest, who scrolls to the next page by himself?

How can this SEO/SERP tool help me get a better website ranking?

First of all, you need to know on which position Google will display your website with the desired keyword. Also, these positions are country specific. There is a big difference if for example the keyword is typed in the USA or in Germany. This can be easily determined with this Website Ranking Check tool. Simply select the domain of the website, the desired keyword and the country and region and you get the placement. A big advantage is also that you can immediately see which websites have a better position and you can react to it.

Check your Google Ranking...Check your Website ranking

Choose a Country and Check your Google Ranking. Check all your Keywords and improve your SEO. This site use real IP Addresses from the destination country. You will get real results and you can see the region where from the request was send. Find Countries with a bad ranking and start there a new Marketing strategie! NOTE: In futur there will be more City's and countires available!

What is the difference to other website ranking check tools...

This SEO tool used IP addresses in the selected countries, not only the Google domain extension of the respective country. So you can find your Google ranking exactly for this country and the selected region.

Find the top 100 results in your selected country, find the countries with a bad search result and adjust your SEO in these countries.

This tool is free and unique, other tools do not use IP addresses to the associated country. Only with IP addresses that are also registered in this country can you generate a decisive result. Enter the domain really only the domain. Without http and https. Here again an example. and add nothing more. This way you get the best result. Only on this website you can select a country and a region, other providers want money for this. I will work constantly to add more countries and cities. In the future there will be more functions available. I am always open to suggestions for improvement. I am also happy about constructive criticism. Share your experience with your friends.

Something else...

If you are not satisfied with your ranking, you can find a lot of free tutorials to improve your SEO skills. Use AI's to generate high quality content. Also pay attention to the programming of your website, outsource scripts and CSS files and the web server should be SSL/TTL encrypted. There are tools like Certbot that provide you with a free SSL/TTL certificate.

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What is web scraping

Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract content and data from a website. Unlike screen scraping, which only copies pixels displayed onscreen, web scraping extracts underlying HTML code and, with it, data stored in a database. The scraper can then replicate entire website content elsewhere. Web scraping is used in a variety of digital businesses that rely on data harvesting. Legitimate use cases include: Search engine bots crawling a site, analyzing its content and then ranking it. Price comparison sites deploying bots to auto-fetch prices and product descriptions for allied seller websites. Market research companies using scrapers to pull data from forums and social media (e.g., for sentiment analysis). Web scraping is also used for illegal purposes, including the undercutting of prices and the theft of copyrighted content. An online entity targeted by a scraper can suffer severe financial losses, especially if it’s a business strongly relying on competitive pricing models or deals in content distribution.

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